Amsterdam Adventure




Amsterdam Weekend Hit List:

  • Get a drink at the Ice Bar
  • Eat a fresh waffle coated in chocolate for dessert. (Or breakfast, or lunch, or dinner… or all of the above)
  • Take a water boat tour. Even if you’re not a history person, just to look at all of the amazing houseboats.
  • Go to the Heineken Experience, free samples along the tour, and 2 free beers at the end.
  • Stroll through the Red Light district, just to say you did.

Spur of the moment decision in between a mid-term and a open weekend… I decided to hop on a flight to Amsterdam, and spend the weekend there with my mom. Let me start by saying that this place can get to be freezing, absolutely freezing. Being the type of person that is always cold, you can see how Amsterdam and I got off on a rough start. Anyways! It ended up being a great trip.

We did what tourist do in Amsterdam, ate, drank, and wandered around… pretty much what I do every time I go to Europe (no shame). We only had one full day in the city so we crammed a lot in! If you do venture to Amsterdam, here is my one piece of PRICELESS advice… buy every ticket in advance! Going to take a bus tour? Go online and buy a ticket. Going to the Ice Bar? Go online and buy a ticket. Going to the Anne Frank Museum? Go online and buy a ticket. You get the idea…. That was one of the reasons we missed out on some awesome experiences, in my opinion.

PS. I know I know, I am going back to Amsterdam when the tulips are in season. No way I am missing out on this.

Anyway, off again to somewhere new soon!

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One comment on “Amsterdam Adventure

  1. Mmmm a fresh waffle coated in chocolate?! I’m in. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but I’ll definitely have to move it up on my list. I miss Europe. Though, I don’t think I’ll be able to brave it during the winter. The little snow we’ve gotten in Seattle this year has reminded me how much of a wimp I am when it comes to cold!


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