Fringe Frenzy


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Jacket: Similar-ishh Here  Boots: Discontinued, but Here is the brand  Sunglasses: Here Jeans: Here   Tank Top: Similar Here


Hey everyone, I’m fixin’ to tell you a little bit about this Fabulous Fringe outfit.

Everyone calm down, I know the fringe craze has come and gone. Especially with all those fringe bikini tops… Low-key glad that I don’t have to untangle all my fringe clothing items anymore when they come out of the dryer!

BUT, this jacket!!! I love this thing for many reasons. First off, it is actually warm. I am the type of person that is always cold so it is perfect! Also, this jacket has a story to it…. It was actually my mom’s when she was around my age. Originally it had giant shoulder pads too! So vintage and so cool. Part of my style is pulling pieces out of the attic or a thrift store and pairing it with newer items. Anyways, this jacket was a great find. I got so many compliments walking around in it that I think my mom is scheming to steal it back!

While I was in Austin I felt like it was appropriate to pull out the most extravagant pair of cowboy boots that I owned (being from the South, I have a couple pairs). I thought that mine were unique and different… then I got to Texas! Mine were basically the most boring ones that I saw when walking around all the shops. I saw everything from rhinestones and fluorescent colors, to light up boots… not kidding. Lastly I put on my western looking cat-eye sunglasses for a little young Dolly Parton vibe. No shame.

I hope everyone is having a swell week! It’s hump day! Almost to the weekend…

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